Handforged Artisan Knives

Kitchen cutlery forged for cooks by a former fine-dining cook.

Brian Hanson crafts these uniqiue knives at his shop in Arlington, Washington USA

Designed to be a Cook's Daily Companion

The Standard Line

The Standard Line was designed for the cooks looking for a hand forged... 

Artisan Pieces of the Utmost Refinement

Custom Knives

This collection is of available custom knives. Each is a unique creation from... 

My Mission

As a former fine-dining cook, I understand the subtitles required for a knife to become a true extension of yourself. I attentively craft each blade to perform with effortless precision . While offering beauty to inspire you in your own creative pursuit.

  • State of the Art Heat Treatment

    The use of modern precision ovens and kilns insures only the best properties within the steel. Offering superior sharpness and edge retention.

  • Handforged Beauty

    The final shaping and beveling done by a hammer swung by my own hand. Introducing stunning distortions into the patterns.

  • Small Batch Made

    Every piece is produced to uniquely fit itself. Relying on craftsmanship to insure a superior fit and feel in your hand.

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