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Brian Hanson Knives

Sold - 165mm Santoku

Sold - 165mm Santoku

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This taller Santoku offers a dimpled hammer finish along the spine of the wrought iron cladding, wrought that came from a 100 plus year old wagon wheel that had been sitting in my mothers garden (Thanks Mom!). With a Damascus core steel and a Nickle liner to protect the core, this aesthetic is becoming a quick favorite of mine. 

The idea that inspired this blade was to offer a rough and rustic wrought that gradients into  a clean and refined edge of the Damascus core. Pair this with my tapered Wa handle made from Spalted Himalayan Birch that we have dyed purple and yellow during the stabilizing process, this with Water Buffalo Horn and Nickle Silver that have been heirloom fit together for a lasting perfect fit as the natural materials age throughout the decades.

Care information

The cutting edge is Carbon Steel, so it will rust if not maintained.

Clean with a soft towel and thouroughly dry after use.

Rinse with water or sanitzier after cutting acidic foods such as citrus, tomatoes, or fruit. The acid will discolor the metal.

The handle is of natural wood and should be treating with some consideration.

I recommend Tsubaki Oil to be used with the Blade and Wood, Mineral Oil is an alternative.

Never place in the dishwasher.

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