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Bench Scrapper

Bench Scrapper

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My last batch of bench scrappers sold out so quickly, I knew I had to bring them back. Since then, I've been prototyping various improvements and I came up with something special to become your buddy in the kitchen.

Bench Scrappers have such a wide range of uses in the kitchen. First off, it is great at scrapping benches or wood cutting boards clean. Bakers always keep one in at hand for dough cutting. In professional kitchens, we used them to scoop up all our sliced veggies among other random tasks.

Steel: Cold Forged AEB-L Stainless Steel

Wood: Oregon Black Walnut - Shaped as a Japanese 'Wa' Handle

Total Product Dimension: .035" Thick x 4" x 7" - Thin & Tall

Brass Pins

Magnetic! Slap it on your magnetic knife block.


These are handmade by myself, from scratch. Each scrapper is unique with different hammer marks and figure in the wood. 






Care information

The cutting edge is Carbon Steel, so it will rust if not maintained.

Clean with a soft towel and thouroughly dry after use.

Rinse with water or sanitzier after cutting acidic foods such as citrus, tomatoes, or fruit. The acid will discolor the metal.

The handle is of natural wood and should be treating with some consideration.

I recommend Tsubaki Oil to be used with the Blade and Wood, Mineral Oil is an alternative.

Never place in the dishwasher.

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