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Sold - Custom Gyuto 209mm (8.2") - Hitachi White #2 w/ Curly Walnut

Sold - Custom Gyuto 209mm (8.2") - Hitachi White #2 w/ Curly Walnut

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This steel is the highly acclaimed Hitachi White #2. Hitachi goes above and beyond to high refine this steel, resulting in some of the lowest levels of impurities you can find on the market. White #2 is a pure Carbon Steel, perfect for those who prefer quick and easy sharpening to maintain an extremely sharp cutting edge.

For these blades, the Hitachi White #2 is cladded by Hitachi with mild steel. This San Mai construction allows for easy thinning of the secondary bevel and the perfect canvas for a beautiful patina to grow.

I wanted to push the limits on how much of this blade has been forged to shape. Creating a sleek distal taper and also creating a taper leading to the secondary bevel, mimicking some of my favorite Japanese maker's work. The secondary bevel was stone flattened, and a hand-sanded finished to create an elegant cutting edge.

The Handle is of Curly Walnut (Stabilized) with inlays of White & Black Ebony, though only the white sections. Paired with a highly polished Water Buffalo Horn ferrule. There is my signature tapering along the length of the handle, providing a secure hold when the hand gets wet or oily. This along with Scalloping of the handle end is only offered on my premium knives.


Hand-forged White #2 San Mai. This is a prelaminated, premium Japanese steel by Hitachi. *62-63 HRC*

Handle Material: Curly Walnut (Stabilized) and Water Buffalo Horn

Height at the heel:  1.9"

Blade Length: 210mm (8.2")

Total Length: 13.75"

Weight: 5.9 ounces


Spine Thickness Measurements:

Above Heel: .130"

Mid Point: .075"

1" From Tip: .060"


Care information

The cutting edge is Carbon Steel, so it will rust if not maintained.

Clean with a soft towel and thouroughly dry after use.

Rinse with water or sanitzier after cutting acidic foods such as citrus, tomatoes, or fruit. The acid will discolor the metal.

The handle is of natural wood and should be treating with some consideration.

I recommend Tsubaki Oil to be used with the Blade and Wood, Mineral Oil is an alternative.

Never place in the dishwasher.

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