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Petty Knife (5.1") - Hitachi White 2 San Mai w/ Maple Burl

Petty Knife (5.1") - Hitachi White 2 San Mai w/ Maple Burl

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The Petty knife is the little all star to any knife collection. Often used similar to a paring knife, it's longer blade lends itself to preparing a wide range of ingredients. Tasks such as butcher a chicken, skinning an orange, slicing garlic, opening a container can be done with ease. The classic combination of a Petty and a Gyuto can accomplish nearly every task thrown at a cook.

The blade is of a San Mai construction w/ a Hitachi White #2 Cutting edge and a softer carbon steel cladding. Hitachi White #2 is a highly purified Japanese Carbon Steel. It is a harder steel in terms of the Rockwell Scale (63-64 HRC), so some consideration must be in mind while using this knife. Ease of sharpening and great edge retention are among its best attributes.


Hitachi White #2 San Mai, Carbon Steel Cladding

Height at the heel: 1.53"

Handle Material: Maple Burl (Dyed & Stabilized) w/ Cocobolo, G10

Exact Blade Length: 5.1"

Total Length: 10.1"


Spine Thickness:

Above Heel: .105"

Mid Point: .085"

1" From Tip: .065"


Care information

The cutting edge is Carbon Steel, so it will rust if not maintained.

Clean with a soft towel and thouroughly dry after use.

Rinse with water or sanitzier after cutting acidic foods such as citrus, tomatoes, or fruit. The acid will discolor the metal.

The handle is of natural wood and should be treating with some consideration.

I recommend Tsubaki Oil to be used with the Blade and Wood, Mineral Oil is an alternative.

Never place in the dishwasher.

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